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Born and bred in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, over the last five decades I have witnessed art styles, crafts and hobbies, come and go and come again. I have been an enthusiastic ceramicist, macrame diva, crochet queen, and rock painter, among other things. And though I have been creating art in some form most of my life, I always seem to manage to incorporate words, paint, and fabric into my work.

Not quite folk-art, but folksy. My style is a unique blend of color, texture, and dimension, often celebrating African culture.

Using canvas, foam board, wood, or rock as my backdrop, I may be considered an "Outsider Artist", that is, one who doesn't necessarily conform to mainstream artistic philosophies or ideals, and who creates "outside" the normal constraints of the traditional art establishment.

I am created to create and believe that the act and process of creating is, in fact, next to godliness.

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